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Our dive projects...

Here is a presentation of our past and present exploration projects... 

V-5705 Elsass

Other names: SH Grimwood, Oter I


Location: Nordland, Fleinvær

Min depth: 60 m

Max depth: 69 m

Date lost: September 29th 1943

Souls lost: 21 (2 bodies recovered), 12 survivors

Year discovered: 2018

DS Itauri

Other names: 


Location: Nordland, Femris

Min depth: 60 m

Max depth: 96 m


Date lost: April 26th 1944

Souls lost: ?

Year discovered: 2000

DS Kong Ring

Other names: 

Location: Troms, Ullsfjorden

Min depth: 90 m

Max depth: 107 m


Date lost: December 26th 1941

Souls lost: 287

Year discovered: 2004


Other names: Mob-FD 6

Location: Finnmark, Hammerfest

Min depth: 60 m

Max depth: 72 m

Date lost: June 9th 1941
Souls lost: ?

Year discovered: 1999

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