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DS Itauri

The german freighter DS Itauri was sunk by allied aircraft in Fugløyfjorden on April 26th 1944. It was located by the ATD in August 2000 after years of research. The shipwreck now rests on her starboard side in a slope at depth 60 to 96 meters.

DS Itauri was in a convoy with three other freigters (DS Eugenio C, MS Lotte Leonhardt and DS Leena) and a small escort of two guardboats/submarine hunters (V-5906

Nordpol and V-5905 Varanger). The convoy (Bo-224-Rö) departed Narvik and was on its way back to Germany with iron ore when it was spotted by a large allied air-raid.

To be continued...

DS Itauri

Other names: 

Location: Nordland, Femris

Minimum depth: 60 m

Maximum depth: 96 m

Date lost: April 26th 1944

Souls lost: ?

Year discovered: 2000

Other names:

Year built: 1923

Shipyard: Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft, Flensburg

Owner: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (HAPAG), Hamburg

Build no: 363

Length: 139.5 m

Width: 17.0 m

Draught: 9.6 m

Tonnage: 6838 BRT, 4226 NRT


To be continued...

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