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Technical diving in arctic waters
About ATD...

Technical diving in northern Norway.

Arctic Technical Divers is a group of passionate underwater explorers. ATD was first established as an informal organization by a group of cave-divers from Bodø and Tromsø. We are now about 15 divers located from Bodø in the south to Alta in the north. We are always looking for new shipwrecks, underwater caves or deep coral reefs.

ATD has researched and located 4 shipwrecks; UJ-1110 in 1998, DS Itauri in 2000, DS Kong Ring in 2004 and V-5705 Elsass in 2018. ATD also took part in the early exploration og the Plura cave system and the "Litlåga".

About technical diving...

What does it mean anyway?

A lot has been said about technical diving; about what it is and what it is not. To us, technical diving is no religion or any purpose in itself - it is a tool that can take us further and deeper into the unknown, and keep us safe to get home to our loved ones. Do what you can to develop you capabilities - though proper training and the right equipment - but never forget that the ultimate purpose is to go exploring the great abyss.

We try our best to do things the right way, and always seek to improve our ways - but we are in no way fanatic "DIR-divers" who cant dive with some people because their diving certificate is of the wrong brand.

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